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We handle Israeli inheritance throughout the Israeli Family Court process.

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We handle complex and historic Israeli probate orders remotely and in English.

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We serve as Israeli executors to safeguard and disburse the Israeli estate.

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We handle all taxes that might apply to inherited Israeli property, such as Israeli capital gains tax.

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We handle the real estate contracts, Israeli tax reporting, escrow accounts and disbursement of sale proceeds.

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We handle all Israeli title work and ensure that inherited Israeli property is titled in your name.


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We are here to help you discover your connection to unclaimed Israeli property and lawfully reclaim it from the Israeli government. You may be one of the thousands of heirs entitled to a share of unclaimed Israeli property. This abandoned Israeli property is managed by the Unit for the Location and Restitution of Abandoned Property – a department within the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

This Unit is tasked with locating the descendants of absentee owners, but due to the sheer volume of unclaimed Israeli properties,- only a fraction of descendants, many of whom live in the US, Canada, and the UK, are contacted directly by the Unit, while most do not realize that they may be heirs to a valuable Israeli legacy.

Using a variety of Israeli databases and Israeli resources, we trace the rightful heirs of unclaimed Israeli property and lead you through the – Israeli  release process.


How Does the Process of Locating Unclaimed Real Estate in Israel Work?


We represent heir locators and potential heirs of absentee owners

Our firm provides legal services to companies which specialize in tracing potential heirs of absentee property owners, and to individuals whose names appear on the list of unclaimed property managed by the State of Israel. Our goal is to reunite the rightful owners of abandoned property in Israel with their unclaimed property, and to facilitate the appropriate transfer of ownership.

We file the release application

Our company will prepare and submit a comprehensive application to the Israeli Unit for the Location and Restitution of Unclaimed Property, which manages abandoned properties following the Administrator General Law of 1978. The primary objective of this application is to establish your familial relationship with the original absentee owner.

We put the property on the market and sell it

After the property is legally transferred to your name, our company can act as your representative in the sale of the property in Israel. We will handle tasks such as managing the escrow account, paying any applicable Israeli capital gains tax or improvement levies, and distributing the sale proceeds to your designated bank account(s) based on your share of ownership in the property.


Reclaiming Abandoned Israeli Property: The Full Process

Initiating Contact

The first step occurs when a potential heir of an unclaimed property in Israel initiates contact with our office, inquiring about representation in the release process of an abandoned asset from the Israeli government. After establishing the initial contact, we typically arrange a Zoom meeting to introduce ourselves, explain our work, and outline the legal actions necessary in the different phases of the release process.

Establishing a Relationship

The second step entails the engagement stage, which involves establishing and regulating the client-office relationship. If a third party is involved, their relationship will also be addressed, all aimed at ensuring the project's success for all parties involved.
Once you feel comfortable and are prepared to proceed, you (along with other relevant heirs) of the absentee owner (your ancestor), who holds title to the unclaimed Israeli property, will engage our Israeli legal services.
Upon signing the , the office or, depending on the circumstances, the third party will provide information regarding the existing property. It's important to note that, in addition to the , the client will be required to sign a power of attorney granting the office authorization to conduct all necessary procedures in Israel. This includes conducting tests and performing operations in government offices, as such actions require a power of attorney in Israel.

Establishing the Rights

The third step involves establishing the rights to unclaimed Israeli property, which includes submitting inheritance orders or wills and carrying out the asset release procedure at the Unit for the Location and Restitution of Abandoned Property of the Ministry of Justice. It is important to note that this stage is not brief, and its duration largely depends on the client's cooperation. The more the client actively participates and completes the required actions, the faster this stage progresses.
If the property is monetary, our office will complete the work upon receiving the funds during this stage. However, if the property is real estate, moving to the fourth step is necessary.

To establish the rights to unclaimed Israeli property, we submit the release application to the Israeli Unit for the Location and Restitution of Unclaimed Property, a government department responsible for managing abandoned properties under the Administrator General Law of 1978. This act aims to prove your relationship with the titled absentee owner. We obtain Israeli probate orders for the absentee owner and any deceased heirs in the inheritance chain. This ensures that you and other living heirs are legally declared as heirs under Israeli law. In the case of wills, we obtain Israeli orders validating the wills under Israeli law.

Registering the Rights

The fourth step involves registering eligible rights in the Israel Land Authority or the Land Registry and Settlement of Rights. However, it is important to note that in some cases, the Unit for the Location and Restitution of Abandoned Property of the Ministry of Justice may not allow the rights to be registered on behalf of the beneficiaries if the management fees have not been paid to the unit. Based on our experience, many clients/beneficiaries prefer to postpone payment of the management fees until a buyer is found for the property. As part of the sale process, the buyer will cover the expenses from the proceeds due to the entitled parties associated with the unit. 
Per the Israeli probate law orders, we transfer the Israeli title tonames of the heirs at the Israel Land Authority or the Land Registry and Settlement of Rights. This ensures that the heirs become the titled owners of the reclaimed Israeli property.
We collaborate with the Unit for the Location and Restitution of Abandoned Property to remove their management order warning notice from the Israel Land Registry or Authority records. This is done after paying the legal management fee to the State of Israel.

Facilitating the Sale

The fifth step involves the sale of the real estate property. Once the property is titled in your name, we can represent you in the sale process. We provide comprehensive Israeli legal services to facilitate the release, reclamation, and eventual sale of your Israeli property. Our services include managing the Israeli escrow account, handling any Israeli capital gains tax or improvement levies owed on the sale, and ultimately disbursing the proceeds from the sale of the released Israeli property to your designated bank accounts. The disbursement will be made according to your rightful share in the unclaimed Israeli property.
At this stage, our office also manages negotiations with the authorities regarding charges imposed on real estate owners in Israel. We guide clients through administrative procedures related to these charges. Drawing on our extensive experience in the field, we are able to significantly reduce the requested costs, providing a significant advantage to our clients.

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